coastal’s music borders on reverent. restraint and simplicity are key to the overall sound. smooth basslines, wispy drum movements, melodic, delayed guitar work, a delicate vocal presence, and subdued organ keys all combine to make the music flow with a relaxed simplicity that is truly beautiful.

coastal is the hybrid of several musicians who have played out for years in their respective bands, yet have never really made the music they wanted to. jason gough has been involved in shoegaze style bands for several years (lumiere, the mantarays, azure) and it was through such bands that he met up with josh callaway (just lucy).

the two started to write songs together. jason being heavily influenced by shoegaze and josh leaning more towards slocore, a middle ground between the two styles was sought.

as their music developed, they soon enlisted jim harker (stigma, the melody tree) to take on drum duties and occasionally play second guitar. with the main structure in formation and a sound of their own emerging, the three felt the music needed an additional presence. luisa gough came on to play keyboards and sing backing vocals to complete coastal's line-up. may 2000, the band self-released a five-song CDr e.p. when they were known as infrared.

in november 2000, they caught the attention of the Minneapolis-based words on music label (shiFt, should, motion picture). the label soon signed the band for its debut release, which includes the remastered songs from the infrared e.p., plus three new recordings.


Vocals, Guitar / Jason Gough
Keys, Vocals / Luisa Gough
Bass / Josh Callaway
Drums / Jim Harker